The Last Sunrise

The memoir of a ten-year-old boy who survived the death camps during the Holocaust and made it his mission in life to STOP THE VIOLENCE.

By: Harold Gordon, Hirshel Grodzienski
Format: Paperback
Pages: 242
ISBN: 9780578535012
Published: 3 Sept. 2019
RRP / Print Price: £14.17

The Last Sunrise

Hirshel Grodzienski was born in 1930 in Grodno, Poland, and condemned to death as a young boy by Hitler’s plan to exterminate every Jew. He was hunted for no reason other than his Jewish faith and living on the wrong continent, at the wrong time. In 1941, he stood at the open gates to Auschwitz’s gas chamber, when the Sword of Death was miraculously lifted from his throat by “Our God.” He spent his teenage years in concentration camps as a political prisoner and an enemy of the state.

In these pages, Hirschel (now Harold) tells his story for all who died at the hands of the Nazis and can speak no more. He hopes to show an example of one man who prevailed and lived a productive life—spreading peace—despite his suffering and ruthless abuse.


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