Reflections of a Female Sniper

4 Essays for the Soul

By: Cassondra 'Cocoa' Bowden
Supplied by: Amazon

Format: Paperback
Pages: 212
ISBN: 9781093733358
Published: 2 Sept. 2019
RRP / Print Price: £15.61

Reflections of a Female Sniper

In this series, Cocoa powerfully chronicles her life in four riveting short stories starting from early childhood, and following her through her school years, military life, and the birth of her child. The book highlights her personal point of view, her struggles, and the lessons she learned from experiences growing up in a cloud of trauma. This book is an easy read and may help a parent or caregiver better understand their child's experiences. This page-turner is wildly motivating and sure to leave every reader inspired.


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