Great Battles of the Classical Greek World

By: Owen Rees
Supplied by: Pen and Sword

Format: Hardback
Pages: 284
ISBN: 9781473827295
Published: 15th August 2016
RRP / Print Price: £19.99

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Great Battles of the Classical Greek World

This book presents a selection of eighteen land battles and sieges that span the Classical Greek period, from the Persian invasions to the decline of the traditional hoplite heavy infantry before its ultimate demise at the hands of the Macedonians. Whilst focusing on the golden age of the hoplite phalanx, Owen Rees also offers a wider perspective on classical battle, including mercenary armies and the rise of light infantry. A strong emphasis is placed on the variety of tactical developments throughout the period. 

Each battle is set in context. The background, battlefield, and opposing forces are discussed, before giving a narrative and analysis of the fighting. The discussion of each battle also deals with the aftermath of the engagements and the strategic implications for both the victors and the defeated. The text is supported by dozens of tactical diagrams that show the deployment of troops and the various phases of each battle. Written in an accessible, narrative tone, a key feature of the book is the author’s choice of battles, which collectively challenge popularly held beliefs such as the invincibility of the Spartans and the ineptitude of the Greeks at Sieges.


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