A Dictionary of Coastal Command 1939 - 1945 [Kindle]

By: Geoff Simpson
Supplied by: Pen and Sword

Format: Kindle or Hardback
File Size: 63.5 MB (.mobi)
Pages: 151
ISBN: 9781473872721
eBook Released: 6th March 2017
RRP / Print Price: £19.99

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A Dictionary of Coastal Command 1939 - 1945 [Kindle]

An alphabetical account of the part played by the ‘Kipper Fleet’ during the Second World War. Coastal Command often lacked resources compared with other home commands, giving it its other nickname of the ‘Cinderella Service’. Its main role was defensive – that of protecting Britain’s vital seaborne supply lines in home waters as well as in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and around the coasts of Africa.

Thel Command also acted in an offensive capacity, particularly in the so-called ‘Battle of the Barges’ in 1940 which helped deter Hitler from invading the UK, and in the Mediterranean and the Baltic, attacking German shipping. Coastal Command, however, is most usually remembered for the war against the U-boats, one that was eventually won.

From A to Z this well-illustrated book tells the story of the gallantry, the achievements, the losses, the VCs, the aircraft and much else about RAF Coastal Command.



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