Boulogne [Kindle]

20 Guards Bridage's Fighting Defence - May 1940

By: Jon Cooksey
Supplied by: Pen and Sword

Format: Kindle or Paperback
File Size: 96.7 MB (.mobi)
Series: Battleground Books: WWII
ISBN: 9781783379088
eBook Released: 1st August 2007
RRP / Print Price: £9.95

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Boulogne [Kindle]

Boulogne – 23 May, 1940. A town under siege. A rampant German panzer division hammers at its gates. Panic in the street and chaos on the docks. Air Raids. Frightened refugees and dispirited Allied soldiers scramble to escape. Churchill sends battalions of the Irish and the Welsh Guards, to help the French garrison stem the German tide.



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