Blood Red Snow

The Memoirs of a German Soldier on the Eastern Front

By: Günter K Koschorrek
Supplied by: Pen and Sword

Format: Paperback
Pages: 302
ISBN: 9781526781994
Published: 30th August 2020
RRP / Print Price: £19.99

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Blood Red Snow

”For anyone seeking to understand the experiences of the ordinary German soldier during World War II, Blood Red Snow provides an excellent starting point" – Military Illustrated

”A horrifying personal story of World War II's most savage front" – Military Book Club (USA)

Günter Koschorrek wrote his illicit diary on any piece of scrap of paper he could lay his hands on, storing them with his mother on infrequent trips home on leave. The diary went missing, and it was not until he was reunited with his daughter in America some forty years later that it came to light and became Blood Red Snow.

The author’s excitement at the first encounter with the enemy in the Russian Steppe is obvious. Later, the horror and confusion of fighting in the streets of Stalingrad are brought to life by his descriptions of the others in his unit and their differing manners and techniques for dealing with the squalor and death. He was also posted to Romania and Italy, assignments he remembers fondly compared to his time on the Eastern Front.

This book stands as a graphic memorial to the huge numbers on both sides who did not survive the war in the East. It was, some six decades later, the fulfillment of a responsibility the author felt to honour the memory of those who perished.


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