Bletchley Park Family

By: Neville J Anderson-Budd
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 150
ISBN: 9781500751036
Published: 05 Aug 2014
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Bletchley Park Family

"What did Daddy do in the War?" In February 1940 through until 1950 our family moved into Bletchley Park, where we took up residence in Number 2 Cottage in the Stable Yard this was after the Hymers family had moved out, Harry was sent back to work at the 54 Broadway in London. (There was not enough room at BP so SIS and Diplomatic Service went back to London Feb 1942) Jean and Faye were 8, Neville was 4 and our older brother Bobby was 17 when we moved into the park. As Harry Hymers was our father's direct boss this meant that Dad was employed by SIS and the Diplomatic Service, but the work he carried out is still a mystery to our family, it is as if he was the 'Scarlet Pimpernel' in various books about Bletchley Park he is 'Head of Hut 2', Mr R Budd who headed the working party for day to day repairs and alterations at BP, Mansion Room Number 41, Main Administration Office of Mr. R Budd, In 1943 he was located in the main administration office and tasked with collating all outgoing private mail for posting in London, so as not to compromise the location of BP with its London FO Box Number. Number 2 Cottage was the home of the Quartermaster, Mr. Robert G. Budd so now you can understand why we call him the 'Scarlet Pimpernel', when we asked Mum the usual question often asked by children, which was "What did Daddy do in the War" the answer was always the same "Don't ask me, he never told me a thing" and he NEVER EVER said a word about Bletchley Park during his life time. In 1958 Mum and Dad seemed to disappear again in work, they went to Singapore; in 1950 he was transferred to Hanslope Park with the D.W.S. and then for a 2 year stint in Singapore. Once again we never found out what he did. From what we have managed to find out it seems he was employed by the Foreign Office (SIS) and the Diplomatic Service, from the description of what he was to do about all Private Mail and his 'Roll of Honour Certificate' We are still looking for more and more information concerning what Dad did. Author Neville J. Anderson-Budd is also a Steward at Bletchley Park along with his sister. Neville J. Budd.


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