Bletchley Park and the Belgian Pigeon Service

By: Bernard O'Connor
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 436
ISBN: 9780244379377
Published: 12 Apr 2018
RRP / Print Price: £14.99

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Bletchley Park and the Belgian Pigeon Service

During the Second World War, the British Royal Air Force's Special Duties Squadrons parachuted thousands of pigeons into Belgium. Bletchley Park, the nerve centre of the British Intelligence Service, had its own pigeon loft from where birds were sent on intelligence gathering missions. A secret organisation, MI14(d), was created to organise a pigeon service to occupied Europe. Those who found the pigeons were expected to supply military, economic and political intelligence for the Allies. This book includes the messages sent back from Belgium. In particular, it investigates the roles played by Josef Raskin and Jean Ceysens, the British Intelligence Services, the RAF and the brave individuals who, despite the possibility of imprisonment, sent messages to Britain in the hope it would help liberate their country. 


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